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What is EarthySMP? EarthySMP is an Earth server developed by LumiPumi. It's a Java and Bedrock Crossplay SMP Server where you can create and join towns and nations, thanks to the Towny Advanced Plugin. We also have a dynmap. The link to the dynmap is down below.

What is Dynmap? Dynmap is a map plugin which loads a pregenerated world in a Google Map-like view. You can view all the builds, towns and nations on the map, too!

What Earth Map Scale do you use? We use a 1:4000 Earth Map, currently, as we only have 10gb of disk, at the moment. It is the smallest map at the moment, but hopefully we'll be able to increase the earth map scale.

Does this server also have social medias? Indeed, we do. We have a YouTube Channel, a Twitch Channel, Instagram, Twitter and of course Discord. We'll be getting more social media accounts soon!

What is the server IP and Port? The IPs and Ports are both on the Discord Server.

Do we have to include port on Java? No you don't, as it automatically sets the port as 25565 for you! But on Bedrock, you have to, unfortunately.

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1. No Page Griefing (You will be blocked!)

  • Page griefing is the act of coming in and ruining in already good page including but not limited to random images that don't belong, deleting everything on a page, or spamming random letters.
  • To help combat page griefing some pages may be protected. Our page protecting expectations are:
    • Nations and Town pages
    • Build Pages
    • Player pages
    • Any pages that have been griefed in the past 24 hours

2. No Articles Unrelated To EarthySMP

  • This wiki's main purpose is EarthySMP therefore we expect that everything is related to EarthySMP.
  • Any work that is unrelated to EarthySMP is not allowed, any features that are in Minecraft already also are considered unrelated. As well as this anything not even close to related is also not allowed.

3. No Duplicating Threads.

  • Any thread that already exists is already there. There is absolutely 0 reason to have to make a 2nd page.

4. No Recreating Deleted Threads

  • If a thread is deleted, there is a good reason for it. If you believe the deletion of a page is a mistake, please contact an admin immediately. We will recover it for you to edit.
  • The act of recreating a deleted thread is like unbanning a hacker. It's completely silly.

5. No Advertising (player's and admin's stuff are allowed)

  • Advertising on articles is 100% a blockable offense. Articles are meant to be factual and by putting your personal socials in there goes right around loop to Rule 3.
  • Advertising on forums is less of an offense but is still completely not allowed. Refrain from doing so.
  • Who's allowed to advertise? LumiPumi and Administrators are the only people we allow for stuff to be advertising. Rule 6A still applies to them however, Rule 6B they get off from.

6. No False/Misleading Information

  • False and misleading information can lead to EarthySMP fans to get the wrong impression about something. Then they'll share the false information and it will spread like wild fire.
  • False information includes anything you made up and "what-if's." For example: Saying something MIGHT be removed without any proof will 100% not be floating around on the forums or pages.
  • Misleading information is where you start it off with truthful information but twist the words and make it into something you want. None of this will be tolerated.

7. No Opinionated topics.

  • The point of a wiki is to have 100% factual information. Sharing opinions including politics, tier lists, who your favorite competitor is etc. is considered opinionated.
  • If you would like to share opinionated topics head over to the Reddit or Discord instead. That is the appropriate place to do so.

8. Match our wiki expectations:

  • Good balance of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.
    • Spelling in any way is allowed (UK or USA) (i.e. color/colour, armor/armour)
    • Minor mistakes are allowed, having an entire messy article will be requested to have a rewrite.
  • No minor topics that aren't that important.

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